About Sequences

Sequences is devoted to many aspects of electronic sounds, but don't think our world is on the more commercial side, Techno, Hip Hop, House or Dance, you will definetly not hear on our podcasts. No! we are fans whose love of electronics takes us into another world were the musicians take the boundaries of these special electronic sounds to new heights. We are talking cosmic, experimental, synth rock, space rock, cinematic, ambient and more which never gets enough airplay or media attention it deserves.

Sequences has been established since 1992, although our editorial team have had a wealth of experience in the field of electronics for the past 45 years, from the early experimental sounds of Karl Heinz Stockhausen, Berio, John Cage etc, the German Scene in the 70's with Tangerine Dream, Ashra, Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder etc, through to some more modern, trance,chill-out, ambient music, although we stay away from techno, dance, DJ mixes, house and more  synthpop orientated stuff. 

The first 13 issues of this magazine where on the tape format with spoken commentary and extracts from albums, these are now available on CDR's, No 14 to present issue came as a magazine, A4, professional layout with many photos and a compilation CD, much of the music being unreleased and exclusive to Sequences.

All magazines are now sold out except our 10th anniversary edition no27, but the CD's that came with each issue are still available.

In the beginning of 2012 we started podcasting on iTunes, we are also on Mixcloud and more recently Soundcloud.  We publish two editions each month, running approx 3 hours per episode.

To musicians & labels, we welcome your music for possible inclusion in future editions of Sequences. Please refrain from sending, Electro/House, Techno, Dance, Drum & Bass, Club Music, Synthpop, Rock, DJ or Podcasts mixes in those styles, except EM related

The team:  Mick (theED), Mike, Andy & our virtual girl Karen.