EMMA Electronic Music & Musicians Association

Emma was formed in 1994 by a team of fans and musicians who felt there needed to be an organisation to promote E. M. producing a regular newsletter, holding yearly festivals and generally spreading the word that this type of music was available.

1994 saw two festivals in Derby, England , the first showcasing the best UK acts inc, John Dyson, Andy Pickford, Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve. The second saw a more international lineup inc. Jonn Serrie (USA) & TK (Germany), both were very successful events.

In 1995 the venue was switched to Sheffield and again the show had an international flavour with the highlight of two of our most successful artists Ian Boddy & Andy Pickford headlining.

As with all organisations there were internal wranglings and one by one those members who formed this association left, and somehow the dream of getting EMMA more recognition died.

Sequences editorial staff who were part of the EMMA team from the beginning, decided to go alone and carry on the name. Hence two years later in 1997 the fourth EMMA festival took shape with Mind over Matter & Waveshape (Germany), ex Hawkwind player Harvey Bainbridge and many new UK acts. Although the show, musically, was successful, financially it was a disaster.